Goa Properties for Rent

With a steady increase in demand for Goa properties for rent, apartment owners have an opportunity to generate additional income by renting out their properties to reliable tenants using secure means.

At Bonafide Goa Homes we adopt a 3 step process to minimize any risk in renting out your property. As a start all inquiries are tightly screened to weed out any rouge elements. A background check is conducted on all information collected and finally a face to face interview is arranged. As a rule we prefer to rent out to corporate clients, employees transferred for short duration (1-2 years) to Goa and foreigners from specific countries.

A legally binding Leave & License agreement is prepared by a well versed local lawyer and notarised with signatures of both the tenant and owner. The notarised document is then registered at the local police station.

In the case of NRI/PIO’s who live outside India and in the absence of a Power of Attorney appointed by them, alternative legal means are adopted to secure the signature of the owner. A well-defined ‘Rules & Regulation’ annex is included as part of the agreement.

As a policy we conduct periodic inspections on the rented property as a precautionary measure and take prompt action on erring tenants or those flouting the rules.


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