house-homeAt Bonafide, we are committed to service excellence, transparency and honesty. It is always about putting our clients first. In a property transaction, the interest of the buyer and seller can never be compromised. This means being open about every aspect of the transaction. At Bonafide, our clients trust us with information and personal data and they expect us to use this responsibly.

Word of Mouth

Our firm belief that ‘satisfied customers will be the catalyst of our business growth’ is based on our deep commitment to providing excellent service. In a market where property costs are on the rise, most home buyers will in all likelihood complete a once in a lifetime transaction. We understand the seriousness of these lifetime investments and ensure that clients receive through our service, a fair and equitable deal. We are consciously aware that this is the only way to generate goodwill, trust and confidence in the minds of our customers.

Double Whammy for NRI’s

On the back of an unstable economic climate in India, the rupee has witnessed the sharpest decline against the US dollar recently. With rising inflation and a weaker rupee the impact overall and particularly on the property market is palpable. Amidst all this unholy mess, there is reason or rather reasons for NRI’s to be cheerful. With the price of property starting to correct itself on the one hand and the increased purchasing power of the dollar, there cannot be a more opportune moment for NRI’s to buy property in Goa.

Room for Improvement

In Goa’s property market that is highly unregulated and unorganised, the danger of property buyers and sellers becoming unsuspecting victims is real. For the uninitiated buyer, seller or renter, unreasonable promises made by builders and brokers can become an irresistible draw. In the absence of a code of conduct many brokers continue to mislead buyers and sellers as to the market value of the property or on the issue of client representation or concealment of vital information pertaining to the property or full disclosure of total cost and more. These are some of the ground realities in Goa’s property market that needs intervention.

Our Service Pledge

As always, it’s our goal to make sure our clients are kept fully informed during each stage of the buying or selling process. This means communicating in very clear terms the initial terms and agreement of the transaction and any subsequent changes and updates that may arise. Our aim is to offer clients the best options available be it legal consultation, prevailing prices in the area, payment terms, risk factors if any and more.

It is of paramount importance that we stay updated on all new developments, be it pricing, regulations, fees, new projects and more. This way our clients are assured of protection from unfair pricing, fees and regulatory pitfalls. Our back-ground checks and scrutiny ensures that the properties we offer are Bonafide.

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