Lately, there have been instances where the landed properties owned by some of the NRIs and PIOs of Goa origin have been usurped by unscrupulous elements in their absence by manipulating the land records and executing fraudulent sale deeds.
Against this background, the State Govt. is seriously contemplating enactment of a suitable legislation whereby the Govt. would offer to protect the landed properties of the interested NRIs and PIOs of Goa origin.   For this purpose, it is proposed to create a data bank of all the landed properties of NRIs and PIOs of Goa origin who are willing to register their properties with the Government.  This will enable the Registration Authorities to prevent manipulation of such land records and execution of fraudulent Sale deeds.
Your Association may like to bring to the notice of the members, the above proposal and in case they are willing to register their landed properties (other than flats and shops) with the Government, the details of such property records with copies of Form I & XIV, etc may be forwarded to the Commissioner for NRI Affairs latest by 31st March 2014 at the following address. We suggest you visit the site for more details.

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