Furnishing and Interiors

Our service includes working with our associate partners to deliver creative interior design for your property that meets your requirements. We work closely with the best carpenters under our supervision to ensure the finished product meets with the design and quality requirements of our clients. We guarantee a vastly superior product in terms of quality at a remarkably lower cost, compared to what is available in furniture stores.

Our business associates ensure that our clients receive the best possible price, be it upholstery, white goods, kitchen items and more. This is backed up by prompt delivery, installation and assistance.

For our NRI clients desirous of furnishing their apartments as holiday homes, we have created an entire list of items ranging from kitchen items to white goods and furnishings, easily available from our business associates at reasonable cost, without compromising on quality.

Registration of Sale Deed/Agreement of Sale Document

Our assistance includes collating all legal documents pertaining to the registration process, including payment of Stamp duty and Registration fee, approval by the sub-registrar and registration of the document. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that a complete document set is presented, avoiding unnecessary delays and added costs.

Legal Assistance

Currently we offer the following legal assistance through our legal business associate.

  • All types of Power of Attorney documents
  • Sale Deed
  • Scrutiny of Property title documents
  • Mutation certificate
  • Gift Deed
  • Partition Deed

Valuation of Property

As part of our services, we offer our clients a comprehensive property valuation report that takes into account all possible factors, such as, location, builders reputation, quality of construction, economic conditions, availability of land for future developments and more, that impacts on present and future value of the property.

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